Suzy Prior

Suzy Prior is an award-winning professional photographer with over fifteen years experience. She has a strong academic and professional background specialising in documentary and on location studio photography. She currently works as a photography lecturer and freelance photographer on location.
Suzy has been commissioned by countless publications, clients and organizations and has an impressive client list that includes the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford University Press, Modern Art Oxford, Museum of Oxford, Ashmolean Museum, Abingdon and Witney College, Film Oxford and numerous schools and youth projects.

She also acts as a consultant and tutor for commercial businesses and colleges in the field of photography and video production. Suzy’s work appeared in the British Journal of Photography and Modern Art Oxford. She has also exhibited her work widely, including a solo show at the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford.

Suzy is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to digital imagery. She is confident and highly proficient in all aspects of her craft. Although she is technically proficient, she delivers programmes that are student-centred and differentiates between the specific level of each student. Her collaborative approach produces great results with students and clients alike. It is not just the technical aspects that make her an innovative photographer: it is the art of capturing that perfect image, of reinterpreting or re-imagining her subject, that evokes an undeniable and often childlike passion.

Suzy is fascinated by narrative as well as image. She is not interested in straightforward, rigid photography. She is an artist, producing original and inspiring images that reflect both her imagination as well as her technical prowess. Her use of complimentary and juxtaposing skills range from impromptu, street photography, to more formal styles that often seem as if they might have been produced with the aid of an art director. She is just as comfortable out on the street as she is in the studio setting, and it is this combination of skills and shooting styles that has produced some truly inspiring imagery.