About Us

Imagine a holiday where you don’t just pack your sunglasses – you pack your passion as well! If you’re passionate about singing, photography or playing the guitar you need to know about Helicon Arts.

We’ve been organising holidays for people who want more from a holiday than just a suntan since 1998. But we don’t concentrate entirely on your hobby or interest: our aim is to strike the perfect balance between learning new tips and techniques and having great fun.

Our venues are carefully chosen so that you and your fellow participants can stay and learn together in spectacular locations close to places of interest. During an average holiday (that’s about as far from average as you can get!) excursions and activities are offered that will thrill and live long in the memory.

Fine dining, new friendships and a firm, new input for your talent. Helicon Arts will not only take you to an extraordinary, exciting place. We’ll take your passion and talent there, too!