Toby Savage

With 40 years’ professional experience, Toby Savage has kept abreast of all the exciting changes within the photography industry.

An interest in photography germinated in the 1960’s helping his Dad develop B&W prints, through three years at Salisbury College of Art to learn the basics. Since those early days Toby has been continually employed as a photographer, with his own photographic business based in Leicester since 1989. Photographic assignments have taken him all over the world and 15 visits to North Africa have given him an insight into the culture of this exciting and exotic continent. A 10-year teaching post at De Montfort University, Leicester in the 80’s and 90’s taught Toby valuable communication skills to guide others through the vast medium photography has become and in 1998 he swapped sides and studied to achieve an MA in Photography.

Professional photography has opened many doors for Toby with projects as diverse as photographing 9000 year old Rock Art in the Sahara to the UK’s champion surfer surfing a board made of bathroom insulation material!

A lifelong fan of Land Rovers and travel have helped Toby become a accomplished writer and photographer for several leading specialised magazines both here in the UK and in the USA, with a regular monthly column in Land Rover World magazine.